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Company: Up Solutions
Integrated production management
We provide software solutions for the management and control of the textile production.
Our mission is to assist textile industries in order to:
  • Centralize and organize data management from the raw fiber to finished product
  • Improve and optimize customer order planning
  • Manage warehouse, raw materials and finished goods
  • Manage productions orders thanks to graphical user interface positioned beside the machine
  • Analyze production data to increase department efficiency
  • Manage product traceability on all levels
  • Manage quality and wastes
Our team of consultants has extensive experience in the textile industry and will support customers in managing all business process.

The high number of international projects are useful for the development and growth of medium and large size companies in a global market.

We implement our JUST MES solution following the Microsoft SureStep methodology known as SURE STEP.
The methodology includes all activities required to grant quality results and take control of costs and profitability.

JUST MES Modules
  • JUST Planning
  • JUST Monitoring
  • JUST Quality Control


UP Solutions Srl
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Designed for

Medium and large size companies

Just Mes Modules

  •  JUST Planning
  •  JUST Monitoring
  •  JUST Quality Control