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Company: INIT
The /SIGePro/ software has been developed to meet the demanding needs of the Public Administrations in a complete and integrated way. In the attempt to get bureaucracy slimming down and transparency, Public Administrations are expected to manage procedures more and more effectively. The final aim is to optimise the system carefully performing the procedure’s operative steps.

Complying with the "Italian Digital Agenda" guidelines and adopting the most modern technological standards and application philosophy, this software is the perfect response to e-government projects.

The architectural structure of the solution ensures the highest scalability and offers high-quality performances even among a high number of users.

The application can be delivered in the Saas model (oftware as a service) or installed across customer sites. The application structure includes two interfaces.

The first interface (Front Office) can be used by companies, citizens and professionals. It provides any kind of information related to procedures and paper work to be forwarded to the relevant department.

The second interface (Back Office) can be accessed by authorized users only and it manages the entire procedure, supporting the team in charge during the completion of all formalities required. Through a procedural workflow based on the information given, the interface is able to plan all activities needed for the release of the procedure. It manages the file sharing within different administrations and creates a timeline to manage all activities.

Thanks to a flexible configuration system /SIGePRO/ easily adapts to Public Administration of all sizes with different levels of services and procedures.



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Designed for

Public Administrations

Suite /SIGePro/

  •  /SUAP/ (Customer service desk for the manifacturing sector)
  •  /SUE/ (Customer service desk for the construction industry)
  •  /WF/ (Workflow)
  •  /COM-PE/ (Trade and public establishments)