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Thanks to a team of consultants with over 20 years of experience and solid competences in the sector, PA Group delivers organizational and technological advice in planning activities, application management and, implementation of complex SAP projects.

Small & medium-sized businesses:  we consider every single step of a project to release the implementation of ERP solutions and information security systems, from systems configuration to the support, development and maintenance of the project. We are committed to improve your company IT system as the key element to optimized the development of your business and to protect your customers information assets.

Enterprise businesses: we deliver competence and consultancy services for the design, implementation, management, optimization and control of processes and information “mission critical”, for the development and the integration of new functionalities in the existing system and for the set up of business dashboards to manage the business and the IT risks.

SAP System Management 
We deliver complete solutions for SMBs from computing power to post implementation support services. We offer innovative solutions in the IT sector.

ABAP Factory Service

SAP Application Management 
We offer front end professionals at the customer site. We also have a remote competence center structure to cover customizing and Abap/Java development issues.

SAP Project Management 
We offer SAP solutions over “new” SAP solutions such as BO or BPC thanks to a dedicated structure which works close to the AMS group.


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Enterprise businesses, Small & medium-sized businesses


  •  SAP System Management 
  •  ABAP Factory Service
  •  SAP Application Management 
  •  SAP Project Management