PA Group

A model business, unique and distinctive for its organisation, expertise and professionalism, best in class for its products and solutions, and maintain strong and lasting presence in international markets.

The strength of Gruppo PA lies in its network business model which encompasses various market sectors and addresses specific needs. It is a real "group” with everyone" valued for their contributions. Our core strength lies in being able to integrate and make the best use of key people within the individual companies.

Our markets







We aim for a leadership in specific markets in which we have strong expertise already. We deliver top solutions to support our expertise and skills.


Our organization is based on a presence in 4 specific markets: Industy, Finance, Public Sector and, Telecommunication. We have a 40 mil./€ turnover and over 400 professionals.


Our mission is to turn PA into a unique and distinctive business model in the ICT sector regarding organization, expertise and competence, products and solutions best in class, penetration and control of international markets.


PA mission is to offer fast intervention to its customers, flexibility and convenience while delivering a high quality services and data protection.

A group of entrepreneurs experienced in the IT sector pools its knowledge base, creating Partners Associates Srl

New offices opening in Padua, Milan, Rome

First acquisition of a small IT company

Acquisition of MIT Srl (Milan), S.I. Soluzioni Informatiche Srl (Collecchio Parma) and a business branch of Gruppo MET, MET Sviluppo.

PA Progetti Srl (Naples) established.

Launch of an important Business Plan to strengthen specific markets with the acquisition of IN.I.T. Srl (Perugia) and SYSNET Srl (Pavia).

Expansion into foreign markets: Turkey, China, India, South America.

New business: PA ABS Srl is established in Milan as a benchmark for SAP solutions. It is a SAP Service Partner certified company. PA USA ,located in Chattanooga TN (USA), becomes the company for the textile and apparel US market. PA Expertise is established to deliver ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence solutions supply and consulting.